My morning coffee routine

20 February 23

Every morning I brew a fresh batch of filter coffee. Let me walk you through the process:

First I’ll fill the Brita with water and wait for it to fill. Next I’ll put water in the Fellow Stagg EKG kettle and heat it ‘till 95℃. Then it’s time to weight 30 grams beans with the Timemore Black Mirror. I’ll grind the beans on a course setting, with the Timemore Chestnut C2.

While the water is boiling I’ll take my V60 (02), place a filter inside and rinse that filter with water. Afterwards I’ll add the grinded beans to it.

The final step is pouring:

  1. At 0:00, the first 65gr of water.

  2. At 0:30, the remaining 435gr of water, for a total of 500ml fresh coffee.